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36 Months (3 Years) Upfront + 24 Months for FREE
12.98 $ / Month
60 Months / 779$
16.65 $ / Month
60 Months / 999$
21.65 $ / Month
60 Months / 1299$
24 Months (2 Years) Upfront + 12 Months for FREE 16.92$ / Month
36 Months / 609$
21.50$ / Month
36 Months / 774$
27.75$ / Month
36 Months / 999$
12 Months (1 Year) Upfront + 3 Months for FREE 29.27$ / Month
15 Months / 439$
36.60$ / Month
15 Months / 549$
46.60$ / Month
15 Months / 699$
6 Months Upfront
44.83$ / Month
6 Months / 269$
54.00$ / Month
6 Months / 324$
66.50$ / Month
6 Months / 399$
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10:00 - 18:00 / Mon - Fri 08:00 - 21:00 / Mon - Fri 08:00 - 21:00 / 365 Days
Help and Support from certified IT professionals
We help fixing issues in your computer. All your questions answered!
2 hours per month 5 hours per month Unlimited
Response time (from ticket creation)
Our response to your computer issues or problems.
Same day Maximum 3 hours Immediately
Way of communication
Phone, Email and Ticketing system Phone, Email and Ticketing system Phone, Email and Ticketing system
Secure and automated backup and store of all your most important memories and files (GB below)
Backup capacity
Backup capacity
Backup capacity
Award Winning software to breathe new life into your slow computer
Transferable Subscription (from PC to PC)
Transfer your subscription to another computer quickly and easily
Upgrade Guarantee
FREE access to all software, feature and service upgrades and enhancements throughout complete subscription period
Software install and uninstall service
We install new products you might have purchased and make sure installation goes correct and program is having the right settings for you. We also make sure you obtain complete uninstallations of any unwanted programs on your PC
Updates and PC maintenance checks
Pro-active maintenance checks to keep your computer running smooth. Our agents will reach out to you
  Yearly Quarterly
Automated security and Productivity reports from your PC
VIP Treatment
Get updates and special deals before anyone else
Personal IT Supporter
Throughout your entire subscription period you will always have the same IT supporter allocated to you in order to secure the best, fastest and most continuous service possible

Please note that all prices do not include VAT!

ReimageTech Help and Support is your peace of mind

Best reviews in the entire industry

We are rated among the best Help and Support companies on, one of the biggest review sites in the world!

Fantastic Service and Guarantee

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional help and service to our clients. We work around the clock to ensure complete satisfaction and peace of mind for tens of thousands of users every single day. We have proven to deliver the best service in our industry. We offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Proven Experience and Expert IT Technicians

Our friendly IT experts are very well educated and experienced. We have more than 20 years of experience in consumer IT security business technicians which makes us ready to troubleshoot any computer or internet issues you might have.

Only the best Technology and Partners

We utilize the most up-to-date tools and technologies to get computers running smooth and consistent. We only use and recommend the best products on the market.

About ReimageTech

ReimageTech is a part of Reimage®, an Israeli Tel Aviv based world leader of internet-based system repair solutions. The highly acclaimed Reimage® PC Repair solution scans, assesses and repairs the Windows operating system improving speed and ensuring system stability, in addition to restoring settings and registry values compromised by viruses and other forms of malware. This unprecedented technology draws upon its remote online database of over 25 million updated, authentic and pristine Microsoft files, ready to repair or replace any Windows system file to restore your PC to its full potential.

Our award winning PC repair software and patented technology first appeared on the market for professional users in 2007. The success of our product spurred us to further develop this powerful software and create an affordable, simple to use solution to empower users, enabling them to repair their PCs, at home or at work, fast and at a fraction of the cost.

We are ultimately committed to our core values: Honesty and Reliability, Innovation and Simplicity.

Our developers at the Reimage® R&D Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, are consistently updating and improving our software, to assure compatibility with every new Windows build and Microsoft security patch, from XP to latest Microsoft supported edition of Windows OS.

ReimageTech is the help and support leg of Reimage, we are 100% specialized in communication with private consumers and small business. ReimageTech is solely focused on IT, PC and internet Help and Support. The core values are Retention, Customer Satisfaction and Service and Support. Those values have made ReimageTech one of the leading European based Internet and PC Help and Support. We only have one focus and that is to offer internet and software companies increased revenue and customer satisfaction by having our team of friendly and highly skilled agents talking to their end users.

We are proud to say that we cover any European country and language with highly motivated and native speaking agents ready to act on our clients behalf and talk to end users!